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Huron County employers have access to placement services to help them fill positions.


Overview of employer services
Employer Job Order Form
Employer profile provides a database to match employees with job openings
Labor Market Information at Ohio Workforce Informer

The Employer Room is a place dedicated to Huron County employers away from their business where they can conduct interviews. Available resources also include:

Reference resources on ADA and OSHA compliance
Job intervention services for employees
Interview space
Phone and computer access
Space for small seminars


Windows based and menu driven
In-depth career interest and aptitude assessment
Full-range of educational and vocational tests
Measures and assesses personality traits
Can be combined with the SAGE System (manual dexterity testing unit)

Occupation projections and wage information

Helps determine positions suited to aptitudes and interests


Rapid Response is the program designed to deliver immediate services and assistance to workers who have been dislocated due to a company lay-off, downsizing, closure, or relocation. The process usually begins as soon as there is reason to believe employees will be losing jobs. Notification is typically received from the employer in compliance with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN). Rapid Response is free of charge and is available to all business sectors. The typical process involves:

Notifying the employer of services available to workers
Information about the workforce and pending layoff is gathered
A plan is developed to provide information to the affected employees
Employees can set appointments to discuss available services
Employees are assisted in securing new employment


WIA funding offers Huron County Businesses an Employed Worker Program providing reimbursement ( up to 50% of the training cost ) when businesses need to train new or existing workers.

On the Job Training Grant for Employers


What is WIA?

WIA stands for the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. It sets aside federal money to be used by local Workforce Investment Boards for employment and training programs across the country for eligible adult, dislocated worker, and youth participants. In Ohio, the Department of Job and Family Services acts as the "keeper" of its 20 local Boards’ funds.

What is Area 7?

Huron County is part of Area 7 and is a customer-driven organization led by a business-based Workforce Investment Board (WIB).  The Board is appointed by county commissioners to oversee WIA programs in our member counties.  Area 7 is by far the largest local area in the state, made up of 43 of Ohio’s 88 counties.  Area 7 distributes funds and leverages additional resources to meet workforce needs wherever they exist, and strives to exceed federal performance standards.

What is HCWIB?

The Huron County Workforce Investment Board’s (HCWIB) purpose shall be advisory and will provide oversight and guidance to the Huron County Department of Job & Family Services.  The HCWIB will function to develop policy for the issues and projects of the Workforce Investment Act.  The HCWIB consists of 21 members appointed by the Huron County Board of County Commissioners and includes business, education, consumer, labor, elected official and community based members. 

2010 Meeting Dates:

All meetings are held at the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services through entrance A.  Each meeting starts at 8:00 am.  The minutes will be posted once published and approved by the HCWIB