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Foster Care and Adoption
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Huron County Children Services is looking for families who care about children to consider becoming foster and adoptive families. 


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What is Foster Care?

Foster care is a temporary safe place for children to live when they can't be at home or with someone else in their family.  Foster families provide the support and care that children need while their families work to make it safe for them to return home.  Most children do return home to their families.  Children not able to return to their families continue to live with their foster families until they achieve permanence. 

What is Adoption?

Adoption is a legal process that creates a new, permanent family for children.  Adoption gives children all of the social, emotional and legal rights and responsibilities of a family member.  Adoption is a lifelong commitment to sharing your life and providing a child with what every kid needs from a family; structure, patience, and, most importantly, love and acceptance. 

Who are the children?

Children who need temporary foster care or permanent adoptive homes may be your neighbors, part of your faith community, or school friends of your children.  They are all ages, races, and cultures and many need extra attention and care because of the difficult transitions they have had to make and the losses that they have experienced.  However, they also love activities like reading, playing sports, going to the movies, or doing any number of the fun things kids like to do together with their families. 

In Huron County we have wonderful children who deserve to be part of something amazing and to have a family that is proud of them. If you enjoy celebrating graduations, birthdays, holidays and special events, we have someone extraordinary for you! Please take a moment to listen to one of our adoptive parents and her son share information about the importance of having a family..."you may be the family a child has been waiting for..." Adoptive Mom/Son and Adoptive Mom/Son

Adoption Fact Sheet

Foster Care Fact Sheet

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Contact the Huron County Children Services Foster Care/Adoption Unit and tell them your are interested in becoming a foster/adoptive family at:
419-668-8126 or 800-668-5175      ext. 3221

You can also fill out our online form and one of our licensing specialists will be happy to contact you.